A Girl Named Leney


A Winter Wonderland

My friend Meagan and I did a fun wintry shoot the other day when it snowed and since I am still working on my photos of her, I thought I'd share the photos she took of me!
She is one talented lady.
If you're a long time reader you might remember the weddings I shot with her over the Summer, or this photoshoot, or the sweetest ever feature she did of me on her blog, or the photos she took at my Birthday party, or even that she helped me design my logo!
In all honesty she's pretty much become my personal photographer.
Seriously though, she's so very talented and I love her work as well as the sweet, funny and generous person she is! She's taught me a lot in perusing my own photography and I'm so glad we've become friends.
Be sure to check out her new site here!

Outfit details
Sweater- Knit by me! It will be available in the shop soon for anyone who'd like one of their own in the color of their choice!
Belt- Vintage
Necklace- Vintage
Shirt- Thrifted
Slip- Vintage
Shoes- Thrifted
Bracelets- Thrifted
Tights- Gifted

*UPDATE: The sweater is now available in the shop here!