The Traveling Scarf

I started knitting this scarf on a plane on my way to England last spring.
I knit some of it while I was there, in the house I stayed in, in the coffee shops I went to, on the train I rode to and from Scotland and on the plane home.
And then when I got home from my travels it sat in a basket with many (many) other unfinished projects.
I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago and finished it.
So it took me ten months, but better late than never right?
I love it though. 
It reminds me of my travels. 
Especially on the train where I sat and knit and gazed out on the beautiful countryside of Scotland.
This scarf will always hold those memories with it.
And, as trivial as that may seem, that's what I love about it.

 Thanks for helping me take photos Meagan!