A Girl Named Leney



 Photo Cred: Kourtney Hetrick

As I sit here in a coffee shop, like a stereotypical blogger, I'm a little overwhelmed with my to do list.
However when I stop and really and truly think about things, life is good. 
For so many reasons.
It's just hard to remember that sometimes in the middle of everything.

Slacking // On photo editing. I have so many to do and it's been building up and it's times like these that I wish I had four hands. 
So I could edit and knit at the same time.

Reading //  I haven't been reading much/at all lately. So sad. I've been trying to read Half Broke Horses though. What I've managed to read so far is good. I think I like Jeanette Wall's first book, Glass Castle, better though.

Planning // Trips. Lots and lots of trips. Some possible, some not. 
At least for right now. 

Eating // Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. 
Because I miraculously still have candy leftover from Christmas

Feeling // In this moment, content. I do have a lot to do, and I'm busier than ever despite the fact that I've given up a few responsibilities in attempts to make more time for myself. However right now I feel like I can get it done. This will probably change tomorrow but we're supposed to take one day at a time right?

Listening // Silence. Because I don't really appreciate it as often as I should. I try to fill it with music and voices and thoughts a lot of the time. So I'm trying to enjoy it more.

Learning // How to make time for myself. I have a hard time separating myself from my work and what I need to get done because it so often surrounds me all the time. Constantly. Wherever I go. I have a hard time not being in work mode. So I'm trying to learn what the best way for me to refresh and relax is. If you have any tips or ideas I'd be happy to hear them! 

(Thanks to Amanda for this "Currently" list inspiration!)