California Here We Come

(This is my excited face,  I apologize if it scares you)

Yes, it's true.
I'm going to California! I can't really express how excited I am.
This face is only part of it.
It still doesn't seem like it's actually happening!
It's something that's been in the works since last fall, so to have it finally happening seems unreal.
I can't wait.

So blogging friends, what are some things I must see/eat/do?
I'll mostly be in the San Diego and Los Angeles area if that helps with recommendations!
I do wish I could see the Golden Gate Bridge on this trip, I've always wanted to, but it's too far away from where we'll be.
That's okay though, I'll save it for next time!
We'll definitely be going to the San Diego Zoo and a yarn shop or two (gotta get something for the travel blanket!), but what are some of your recommendations?

Post title courtesy of this song.