Folkling Vintage | The California Coast

Folkling Vintage | The California Coast

I have been in California for part of August, and while there I picked up a few vintage finds for folkling.

Shooting these pieces while driving up the Pacific Coast Highway was such a fun artistic endeavor for me.

It is combining many of my loves, photography, vintage, travel, all into one.

I appreciate all of you who’ve supported Folkling over the last two years of its existence. It’s a venture that I get so much enjoyment out of and not only something I preach, but practice.
I truly believe in the sustainability and ethical consciousness in buying secondhand first and appreciating that which already exists in the world.
Additionally, you are fueling my life on The Road in more ways than one, and that’s a dream for which I cannot thank you enough.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, shoot me a direct message through the Folkling instagram.
Thank you to everyone who sees value in shopping slow.

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Spaces In Film | The Jupiter Flats in Joshua Tree California

Spaces In Film | The Jupiter Flats in Joshua Tree California

Much like Artists In Film, Spaces In Film is focused around a more intentional and simple documentation of intriguing interiors and favorite vignettes found on the road.

This first space I am sharing with you is The Jupiter Flats, an Air BnB in Joshua Tree California that was a stop during The Wild + Wonderful American Road Trip.

My favorite spaces are the ones that incorporate the outdoors into their functionality and everyday living. They are the ones I find myself happiest in. Closer in routine to that which we came from. A natural invitation to rewild.

We spent the evening unpacking and repacking our bags, playing vinyl records, turning on the twinkle lights, making a batch of margaritas from our earlier-in-the-day purchased roadside tequila, and soaking our clothes and then ourselves in the outdoor tub.

As the day wore out and the stars grew more contrasted as the sun rotated further from our patch of sky, it was apparent that this space was not only a respite for our road weary bodies, but our minds as well. 

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Adventures | San Francisco

Disclaimer: You are about to see more photos of the Golden Gate Bridge then you maybe ever wanted to see.
While this post summed up most of my sentiment in visiting this auspicious west coast city, I wanted to do a bit more of an in depth post on it to go along with the photos I'm finally getting around to sharing.

San Francisco was a trip that involved quite a bit of self discovery for me. It was the first overnight trip that I've taken where I was alone, truly alone. I wasn't going to meet up with anyone I knew, I wasn't staying with anyone I knew, I wasn't traveling with anyone I knew.
It was just me.

This left for a lot of time for self reflection and time to think about various things going on in my life, something I very much needed at the time. 
In fact a piece from this post by Kylie over at The Flybird has stuck with me ever since reading it and reflected my feelings about this trip quite accurately. She asked her friend Kate what she liked about being alone and she responded by saying: 

"I like that it makes me feel independent and strong. I become super alert and observant, and all my senses are heightened."

I love that.
That is exactly how I feel when I'm alone sometimes, but most definitely when I'm traveling. 
A sense of heightened-ness.  
I think that when you travel alone you're more open to adventures and people and experiences that you would otherwise miss and be distracted from if you were with another person.
That thought is essentially why I love traveling by myself more often than not.

Anyway, I'd been to California before this trip, but I didn't get to see San Francisco and vowed that the next time I went I wouldn't miss out on visiting the revered city. And so, despite the fact that my initial first stop in Laguna Beach was about half a day away, I was determined to make it happen. 
So I threw some bare essentials (namely underwear and extra film and camera batteries) into my Madewell Transport Tote (which I got during my first trip to California and which I've used pretty much every day ever since), grabbed The Adventure Hat, got dropped off at the station by these lovely people and took a bus/train/bus combo that made the scenic journey up the coast to the city I'd been wanting to see for so long. 

I was going to use Air BnB (If you don't know what it is, sign up and use it! It's a traveller's best friend. And if you go through my link you'll get $25 off your first stay somewhere!) but then a friend of a friend let me stay in her apartment while she was away (you rock Rebecca!) 
People blow me away with their generosity sometimes I swear.
After dropping off some of my things (all of which I'd managed to pack in my Madewell tote I might add. I'm a chronic over packer so I was pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this) and taking some screen shots of some maps so as to conserve battery life on my phone, I headed out to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge.
I unknowingly ended up on the California Coastal Trail which made my 10 mile round trip trek so so enjoyable. I mean, I love walking anyway, but the overlooks and scenery on this trail were amazing. I highly recommend it if you ever plan to visit San Fran.
Side note: Birkenstocks are literally the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever met. And, broken toe aside, (which I didn't know was broken at the time... run in with a rock in the pacific ocean earlier in the week...) my feet didn't blister or even feel all that sore despite my walking over 20 miles that weekend. 

That first sight of the Golden Gate Bridge (which is depicted in the very first photo of it below) caught me off guard as I rounded the corner as I wasn't expecting it. It was amazing. And because I was mostly alone on the trail for the better part of the day, it was a small little experience that seemed like it was made just for me. It was well worth the wait and build up of dreaming about seeing it for so long. 

I listened to my favorite songs as I walked across the bridge (yes, I walked all the way across. Of course), stopped for a break to knit and rest my toe, and took photos in the meager attempt to capture the feelings and emotions of wonder I felt at being on such a beautiful piece of US history. 
I reached the other side at sunset, so I didn't have time to venture much farther as I didn't want to walk all the way back home in the dark and get back to where I was staying too late.

I ended the night with Pizza (which wasn't the best pizza I'd ever had or anything, but definitely a fun and enjoyable experience) donuts at All Star Donuts and then a stop into this irish pub (of which I didn't get a photo of until the next day), which led me to meet quite a few entertaining irishmen (and women).

All in all it was a day I knew I would remember for a very very long time. And while seemingly simple and nothing too extraordinary, it was a day that encompassed a lot of importance for me.
I guess it all goes back to that sentiment of overall feeling heightened. 

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Maddie + Taylor | One Year Anniversary

Some of you might remember these good looking people from here, here or even here.
Well, I had the pleasure of staying with them in their new home in Laguna Beach during part of my California trip. And as it so happens, my procrastination with posting photos in a timely manner has turned into a good thing for once, because now I'm able to share these photos with you on their one year wedding anniversary today. 

I love these two dearly. It was so great to put pictures (literally) to the life they've built in Laguna together over the past few months, which I'd previously only been witness to through many long distance phone calls and swoon worthy instagram posts.
I'm so excited for them and their current season of adventure. 
I can't wait to see where life takes them next.


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Adventures | Laguna Beach

This summer I took a trip to California.
It was good to visit this golden state again, especially in the warmer months when I could actually go for a swim in the Pacific (definitely an amazing experience. I'm kind of obsessed with the Pacific ocean now... that water... such a pretty blue). 
I started my trip with a stop into Laguna Beach to visit my highschool best friend Maddie and her husband Taylor.
(I cannot believe in a few days it'll be a year that they've been married! Like... what? Time flies so fast.)
They were pretty much the greatest hosts of all time and made my stay with them feel like a home away from home. 
My stay included, but was not limited to, margarita making, shell hunting (except not... cause it's illegal), succulent obsessing, taco eating, gelato eating, and various other wanderings and exploratory activities. 

Disclaimer: At the end of this post there's possibly one too many photos of Maddie shell hunting... But she's the definition of a beach babe. 
I couldn't really help it. 

Immense Discipline

"It takes immense discipline to be a free spirit." | Gabrielle Roth

Walking 20 miles with a near broken toe.
Knitting on the Golden Gate Bridge and being questioned by a police officer who asks, rather concerned, if you're contemplating jumping off.
(Apparently knitting makes you look suicidal...?)
Making Irish friends in Irish pubs and getting called an American cowgirl.
Swimming in the Pacific.
Getting quite adept at using self timers on cameras, because, well, when you're traveling alone it's kind of a necessity.
Eating donuts (some things never change no matter what state I'm in).
Making friends on trains who think you're surely at least 28 because of what you're doing with your life.
Listening to California by Josh Ritter.
Being super grateful for the ability to screenshot maps/Google directions so as to save your always dying phone battery (not to brag or anything, but I really do think I know every trick in the book to counteract this never ending problem).
Getting very very little sleep but being totally and completely okay with it.

This trip has, so far, been quite a memorable one.
Can't wait to see what the rest of it holds.


    I'm back from California!
Oh my stars, what a lovely week.
I'm refreshed, newly motivated and ready to tackle work again!
A little vacation was just what I needed.
Here are some/a lot of instagrams from the trip to tide you over until I can get around to sharing the real photos!
Thanks again to everyone who gave recommendations of places to go/things to see/foods to eat. 
It was very much appreciated!

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California Here We Come

(This is my excited face,  I apologize if it scares you)

Yes, it's true.
I'm going to California! I can't really express how excited I am.
This face is only part of it.
It still doesn't seem like it's actually happening!
It's something that's been in the works since last fall, so to have it finally happening seems unreal.
I can't wait.

So blogging friends, what are some things I must see/eat/do?
I'll mostly be in the San Diego and Los Angeles area if that helps with recommendations!
I do wish I could see the Golden Gate Bridge on this trip, I've always wanted to, but it's too far away from where we'll be.
That's okay though, I'll save it for next time!
We'll definitely be going to the San Diego Zoo and a yarn shop or two (gotta get something for the travel blanket!), but what are some of your recommendations?

Post title courtesy of this song.