A Girl Named Leney


Immense Discipline

"It takes immense discipline to be a free spirit." | Gabrielle Roth

Walking 20 miles with a near broken toe.
Knitting on the Golden Gate Bridge and being questioned by a police officer who asks, rather concerned, if you're contemplating jumping off.
(Apparently knitting makes you look suicidal...?)
Making Irish friends in Irish pubs and getting called an American cowgirl.
Swimming in the Pacific.
Getting quite adept at using self timers on cameras, because, well, when you're traveling alone it's kind of a necessity.
Eating donuts (some things never change no matter what state I'm in).
Making friends on trains who think you're surely at least 28 because of what you're doing with your life.
Listening to California by Josh Ritter.
Being super grateful for the ability to screenshot maps/Google directions so as to save your always dying phone battery (not to brag or anything, but I really do think I know every trick in the book to counteract this never ending problem).
Getting very very little sleep but being totally and completely okay with it.

This trip has, so far, been quite a memorable one.
Can't wait to see what the rest of it holds.