A Girl Named Leney


Brian McDaniel

Brian has been mentioned several times here on the blog.
Here, here, here, here, here, here, here and even here.
Ok so a lot actually.
I met him almost two years ago when we were mutually semi stalking each other for street style photos. We've been friends ever since. 
Though I don't get to see Brian all that often, I always love catching up with him when I do. He's such a fun person to talk to and I feel like I always learn something new from his cultured and fashion forward self. 
Not to mention we are glasses twins.
So clearly we were destined to be friends.
Brian's been busy with some new projects lately, but he is probably most known for his Richmond street style blog Dirty Richmond, on which I've been honored enough to be featured a few times!
But anyway, I came across these photos on my hard drive which I took this time last year for a feature for From The Runway To RVA. Due to some website maintenance and other things, the feature was never able to be published. 
So I thought, hey, there's no reason why they can't still be shared with the world!
So here we are.
And though anyone that knows him (or even just follows him on twitter) knows that he loves Adele, vinyl records and has a VHS collection, I feel like these images portray not just those things, but Brian's fun and charming personality.
I definitely would love to do a photoshoot with Brian again at some point, now that I have more experience, a better lens and a better eye, but I still love these photos. We had a lot of fun shooting them!
So enjoy and be sure to check out Brian's current tumblr where he posts beautiful and enchanting photos of what he's up to every so often in Richmond and elsewhere.