The Kind Of Friends

There are some days you are extra grateful for friends.
The kind of friends who pull you out of slumps.
The kind who pray with you, out loud, in the middle of a Starbucks for a solid ten minutes without even being a little bit embarrassed. 
The kind that wander around big cornfields and abandoned houses to find that perfect shot.
The kind that almost always try to pay for your food and/or drinks when you're out with them.
Even when they can't afford it.
The kind that inspire you and motivate you to be better.
The kind that remind you what you're capable of and how much you have going for you.
The kind that text lyrics to that one song to you in ALL CAPS.
With lots of emojis.
The kind that send you youtube videos to really dumb but really funny things.
The kind that love you simply because you're you.
Even if you're a little bit weird.
Especially because you're a little bit weird.
Those are the kind I'm extra grateful for today.