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Fashion Friday's: Second Shooting

Finally another Fashion Friday's post.
This was an outfit I wore while second shooting a wedding with Meagan last week.
General rule of thumb when shooting a wedding: Always wear something with pockets.
There's always a rushed moment where you have to have another memory card, battery, or stick a lens cap or business cards somewhere. And it's hard to have your camera bag on you 24/7.
Second rule of thumb: Wear comfy shoes.
When shooting a wedding you are pretty much on your feet from morning until late at night. It's a long day. A fun and super exciting day, but still long!
So you want your feet to not hate you afterwards.
Especially because you will inevitably start dancing along to Thrift Shop during the reception.
You know, at some point.
It's just a given.

Outfit details
Skirt- Vintage (used to be my Aunts when she was my age actually!)
Belt- Vintage (thanks Mom)
Shoes- Thrifted and given to me by my pen pal  (Thanks Alex!)
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Asos
Striped Bag: Baggu
Brown Camera Bag: Vintage via Etsy

All photos by Meagan Abell