Things I Love Thursday

What's with all these series?
You might be thinking.
Well, as a photographer/Etsy shop owner my days are mostly filled with taking photos, editing photos, buying supplies, marketing, trying to do math, emailing, driving, sewing, knitting, making other artsy things and all around general craziness that goes along with all of that.
Which leaves not as much time for blogging as I would like.
And since I always have more ideas than time to actually implement them, I thought having a series/feature, a regular routine of some various posts, would help me during my busier weeks, so I at least know I'll have one or two posts scheduled as opposed to being radio silent over here. 
And hopefully you'll enjoy them too of course!

This series is one that, similar to Fashion Friday's, I've been thinking about for a while. 
I think it all started when I was doing some cleaning out in the fall and I came across various treasured things of mine that, as silly and unimportant as they may look to the average Joe, actually mean quite a lot to me.
For instance, the colorful lion piggy bank that used to be my Mom's when she was a little girl, the collection of hand sewn felt Winnie The Pooh characters I made when I was 8, the miniature peter rabbit tea set that my grandmother bought me when I was little, or that necklace my best friend made me in high school which I really probably wouldn't wear now but I love so very much.

I love the stories the things we own tell.

They seem insignificant to most, but to us they hold cherished memories, stories from the past or of the future, and a seemingly unimportant knick knack can be oh so much more.

And while I was cleaning things out I realized this.
It also made me realize what things I really valued and meant a lot to me and helped me realize what I needed to keep and what I really didn't. 
It's not so much that I'm putting too much value in the things of this world, and owning stuff, but it's more that I appreciate more the things I do have.
Because I really have been blessed with so much.
And if showing you a few photos of some of my cherished belongings/junk each week helps remind me of that and prevents me from buying less junk when I go thrifting, well gosh darn I'm going to do it.
Because that's partially why I started this blog in the first place.
To be reminded of the little things in life that make me happy and that even when there's seemingly nothing to be happy about or thankful for, there really always is.
You just have to look harder sometimes.

So, starting next week I will be introducing...

I'm pretty excited about it.