A Girl Named Leney


Lessons Learned Of Late

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell

Around this time last year I did a post about some things that I was learning at the time.
I always enjoy looking back at where I've been in various points in my life and seeing what I was learning/going through at the time, and comparing it to where I am now.
I've actually had this post saved as a draft since last week, so today I thought I would finally get around to sharing it.
Without further ado, a few things I've been learning as of late:

Never be afraid to go on adventures alone.
Because they often become the best adventures you've ever had.

"A good writer admires his heroes, a great writer wants to beat them."
A friend recently shared this paraphrased quote and I really liked it.
(I can't seem to find the original source, so if you know, please share!)
I'm trying to have this mentality with my own endeavors.

You should share what you know with others.
Because you get nowhere keeping all your knowledge and experience (however limited/great it might be) to yourself. So many people have helped me get to where I am, so I should help others when I'm able to with what I've learned from those before me.

Music is sometimes just better on vinyl.
Not because of the sound or anything about it's old schoolness, but simply because you have to make more effort to listen to it that way. You can't easily skip a track, you always have to flip it over half way through, there's more than just a button to push to make a song play.
You're forced to slow down a bit and really appreciate what you're hearing.

You have to take things one day at a time.
Over planning and over thinking rarely ends up benefiting you in the end.
Deal with today, today.
Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

Mushrooms, if fresh and uncooked, are actually kind of delicious.

Sometimes it's okay to take the morning off from work.
To slow down, read a book, and just do something for yourself.
It's better to tackle a full work load refreshed and rejuvenated "late" than stressed and overwhelmed "on time".
You will end up accomplishing more in the end.

Things will look better after a good nights sleep.

On that note:
4 hours of sleep really is not sufficient.
Go to bed at a decent hour.
Or at least stay up late on a day you can sleep in...