A Girl Named Leney


Life According To Instagram

This week I...

-Had a nice little mini vacation at the beach
-Went to see Best Coast. Can't stop listening to their new record. No really, I listened to it no less than six times the morning after the concert. And that was just the morning.
-Have been learning a few new things
-Went to the first annual RVA Bacon Festival! It was pretty fabulous. As is obviously expected with anything involving bacon. I may or may not have eaten a bacon s'more. To give you some idea of what it was like.
-Got my NEW CAMERA. Pretty excited about it. To say the least. My heart wouldn't stop pounding for a good ten minutes after I opened it. Can't wait to have a proper first shoot with it!!!!!
-Announced the giveaway winner!
-Shared some thoughts about knowing which way to go when you come to that fork in the road
-Posted photos of one of the cutest couples you will ever see

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