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This past month or so has been so crazy.
Business has been doing really well (photography and Etsy wise). I've had to re-learn how to prioritize in a lot of different ways as a result, as well as figure out what a different work routine looks like in order to keep up with all the work. It's definitely been challenging. It's been good for me though, and I'm growing in a lot of areas because of it. But it's not something that comes easily to me all the time so I've had to learn to give myself a lot of grace, which isn't easy either.

In the midst of it all though I've been featured on some forum of Etsy media three times!
At least three times that I've noticed.
I've barely caught it each time and am usually only tipped off when a certain item gets an instantaneous influx of favorites in the the shop.
This has been so crazy for me.
The first time it happened I was sitting at a table in a Starbucks downtown. Drinking a chai tea latte.
And I pretty much freaked out.
It's a good thing I had someone with me to calm me down because I was starting to attract some weird looks from people...
I mean my hands were shaking for pete's sake.
Since then, when it's happened, I've handled it a little better.
I only send out a few texts to my close friends, (with all caps and only a page or two of exclamation points...) and then post about it on Facebook (and every other social media platform available to me...)
But I mean other than that I'm totally calm about it...
In all seriousness though I just really can't quite believe that my knits and shop has gained so much attention.
It's the weirdest but coolest feeling.

 It's not only online though that my work is being noticed, I've repeatedly been approached by strangers when I'm out and about and asked "Hey, wait... are you... Leney? Oh my gosh! I love your photography! And I follow your blog! You are so creative I just love your stuff!"
It's seriously bizarre.
I mean, I'm just over here with Lewis like "hey I'm just knitting another sweater, don't mind me..."
These encounters really make my day though.
I've met a lot of really sweet and fun people in the process, which is always a favorite thing for me.
I really do love making new friends.
But anyway, I know I'm not famous by any means (thank goodness, I don't know if I could handle it) but it really is great seeing how much all of my endeavors have grown over the past year or so and seeing all of my hard work starting to pay off.
Although this is sort of a culmination of a lifetime of hard work in a way, but I've been doing what I love the whole time.
And after all, that's what they say you should do isn't it?
Do what you love, love what you do.
And so far, despite the challenges and many hard times and situations, I definitely love what I do.

Post by Etsy.

Post by Etsy.