Photographer Get Together

Ever wondered what would happen if you got a bunch of photographers together?
Jumping pictures, "couples" photos, favorite client stories, lots of cheese, burger and french fry eating, hair flips, and, if I'm present, knitting (duh). 
So basically the usual.

Had a super fun time with all these lovely people a few weeks ago. Thought I'd share some of the photos because they just crack me up and I love them.
I could try to give credit to all of the appropriate people for each photo but I'd probably get them wrong. We were all taking photos with each others cameras and so these are pretty much a collaborative effort.

Most of them came from Meagan and James though.
With the exception of the hair flip photos of Meagan at the end.
Because, of course, I took those.
(See previous evidence of similar shots here)

Photographers pictured

Meagan Abell
Tiffany Heidenthal
James Lee
Marek Kunicki
Jaime Patterson
Erin Schrad
Keren Robinson (Who's actually a makeup artist but we let her come because she's nice and looks pretty in photos)