Hello Fall

Photo cred: Meagan Abell
It's not much of a secret that fall is my favorite season. And I know it's been around for a few weeks now but I was inspired by this post and I thought I'd do one similar.

I'm looking forward to...

eating / chili's and bean soups and all things pumpkin flavored
drinking / chamomile tea with honey (because, really, is there anything more soothing?)
practicing / thankfulness 
mastering / a good work routine
learning / french
playing / in apple orchards and on mountain tops and in cars with friends on roadtrips
finishing / a new sweater
reading / lots of fitzgerald
walking / in lots of crunchy leaves
wearing / endless cozy warm knitted articles of clothing
cooking / an apple pie
working / on new designs for the shop
traveling / to chicago come november (and hopefully nyc again sometime soon too)
wanting / to spend more time with the people i love