A Girl Named Leney


Knitting On CBS 6

So if you read my post the other day, you'll know that I was on TV Monday morning!
I had heaps of fun and it was such a crazy and awesome experience. I mean... being on TV? What??
It wasn't at all what I expected, but in all of the nice, this-is-more-laid-back, not-as-scary-as-it-looks kind of ways. And of course Jessica was so very lovely and helped calm my nerves by being so sweet and easy going. 
So here's the video, since you all asked me to post it!

I want to thank all of you who sent me encouraging and supportive texts, calls, messages, comments etc. before and after the whole process! Your love and encouragement means so much to me, I can't even begin to thank you fully. I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful and uplifting people in my life.
Couldn't do this without you guys!

You can find the pieces shown on the show in the shop!