Sartorially Inclined: A Men's Knit Lookbook

So excited to announce that there are officially mens knits now available in the shop!
Many of my knits can be worn by both girls and guys but this is the first time I've designed some pieces specifically for guys just for the shop.
(Of course if some of you girls out there think they're so cute you want to wear them yourself... I mean I won't stop you...)
Doing this shoot with Meagan and Brian was so much fun!
If you want to see a few behind the scenes shots you can go here.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some new knits for you ladies coming later this week!
But without further ado, I present:

Sartorially Inclined: A Men's Knit Lookbook

Thanks to the spectacular...

 For being my fabulous, first ever, male model.
The whole being glasses-twins thing made me choosing him to model my knits a no-brainer.
However, that aside, he is one of the greatest guys and I've loved getting to know him and become better friends with him over these last few years.
Thanks so much for being supportive from the beginning Brian!
And for being so stylish.
Only having to provide the knitted articles of clothing for these shoots makes my job easier.
So thanks for having a fabulous wardrobe, impending modeling career aside.

Who you long time followers have seen here on the blog many many times.
I can't ever go on enough about this girl.
She's one of my biggest supporters and I don't know what I'd do without all her help and encouragement! Taking photos for me isn't even the half of it.
You're amazing Meagan.
I owe you a lifetime supply of knits.