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My RVA: Around Addison

Finally getting around to posting another



I've definitely been taking enough photos for these posts (I'm pretty excited about some I have for the next one), but sitting down, editing them and then putting a post together is another story.

Hopefully I can be more regular with these though because I do love showing off this city of mine and all the little bits and pieces that I stumble upon and find beautiful.

Been going to


quite a bit lately.

Last time I was there I had a drink called...

 The Red Headed Step Child.

Apple cider mixed with chai tea. Pretty tasty. Though I got it iced and I think I might get it hot next time.

Across the street is a new(ish) little vintage shop that I can't believe I never noticed before called,

Addison Handmade & Vintage

. As soon as I walked in I instantly decided that if I could just live there I would be perfectly happy.

 Someone I was with said: "This looks like your closet..."

So basically it's my kind of store and though I didn't get to look around too much on the first visit I will definitely be going back.