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My RVA | Yesterday's Heroes Vintage

And then sometimes good days are marked by leisurely bike rides to visit friends at work and peruse new and old curated finds (by which I mean I looked at the denim for forever because denim is my weakness...) and listen to a little Edward Sharpe on vinyl. 

This little shop here in Richmond is a good one, and if you haven't popped in for a visit before, I suggest you change that asap. So much wonderful vintage goodness. It's actually right down the street from this other favorite shop of mine

You can also find Yesterday's Heroes on Facebook.

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Ashley of Rosewood Clothing Co | Portraits

Time spent in this space with this person is always lovely. 

This firecracker of a girl has stolen my heart from the very beginning and to call her a dear friend is such an honor. She just is a kind of authentic, from the top of her enviable wild and unruly mop of curls to her vintage leather clog clad toes, that makes for a truly wonderful being.
I dare you to walk into the shop and not just fall in love with her right there. She's an amazing lady doing amazing things and Richmond is pretty lucky to have her here helping support and build the creatives community.

Also something worth noting is that Rosewood Clothing Co's online shop is finally live!
This lady has worked so crazy hard this last half year or so building her shop and her brand and it's been such a pleasure getting to work alongside her taking photos for her during that journey. For those of you who don't live in RVA and have been missing out on the wonderfulness that is Rosewood Clothing Co, you can now join in with shopping online. Ashley's taste in vintage and handmade goods is spot on. So go take a peek and treat yourself to something nice. It's the best way to shop local. Some current favorite pieces of mine are this fragrance, this denim dress, this top, and this coach bag.
Go have a look and shop around!

Also go check out Ashley's interview on People In Their Homes (my new favorite site and Instagram account) if you want to fall more in love with her.

My RVA: Na Nin Studio + Shop

Na Nin is one of my favorite shops here in Richmond. It's a lovely space filled with handmade, vintage, and curated goods not just from local makers but people all over the world. 
Kate Jennings is the shop owner and let me tell you there just isn't a lovelier and sweeter being. Every time I run into her she's so genuinely transparent in that way that instantly makes you want to be one of her dearest friends. She always has such sweet, positive and encouraging words, regardless of whether you've just walked into the shop for the first time, or you're a frequent visitor.
She's truly such a wonderful person to be around. 

A few months ago I stopped by the shop to meet the very talented Jess Lee of Willow Knows during a little event showcasing some of her stunning collection. I so love meeting fellow makers and getting to know the person behind the creations. I've been following Jess and her work for a few years now and it was so lovely getting to meet with and talk to her in person. Her pieces are truly inspiring and filled with a kind of light and dreamy quality that I think so many of us can resonate with. To say that I would wear every single piece is an understatement (though I've pretty much been wearing my scarf every day since I've gotten it, so there's that). 
Jess is based in Charlottesville where she's currently working on her new spring line in her enviously gorgeous studio space. Which you will actually see a lot of on her Instagram, and which I only hope I can make a trip to see in person at some point. 

If you live in Richmond be sure to stop by Na Nin's brick and mortar location at: 
101 S. Addison St. Richmond, VA.
They're open Wed-Friday 11-7pm and Sat-Sun 10-6pm.
But for those of you not here in RVA, fear not! You can still enjoy all of the lovely goods Kate's curated by shopping online.

*The last two photos of the hands were taken by my friend Michelle
*I also took some video during this little event so that might be up on the blog sometime soon too once I can get to it!

You can follow Na Nin on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest
As well as Willow Knows on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest

My RVA: The Gatsby Afternoon Picnic

Last Sunday I attended the 

Gatsby Afternoon Picnic

 here in Richmond, put on by the 

Art Deco Society of Virginia


It was the third annual and held at the oh so lovely 

Wilton House Museum


I've been wanting to go to this event ever since I heard about the first one but somehow I've always been busy. So I was super excited that I was actually free this year.

I mean, who wouldn't want an excuse to dress up in your 1920's Sunday best and step back in time for an afternoon?

The whole event was fabulous. 

From the costumes, the vendors, the music, the venue, all of it. I met so many lovely, eclectic, fun, interesting and wonderful people. It was such a great afternoon. 

I'm already thinking about doing the 

Tweed Ride

 (even though I don't own anything tweed...) and I'm definitely going to the 

Jazz Age Preservation Ball

 next year. 

(Another event day I always seem to be busy on... but I'm planning ahead this year)



 excited for that. 

Like... really. I'm already dress shopping.

Anyway, here are some photos from the event! 


^^and then sometimes your friend steals your camera and insists on taking a few herself^^


You can also see more on my

Facebook page

(feel free to tag yourselves!)

And if you're in Richmond be sure to go join the 

Art Deco Society's Facebook group

 as well to keep up with all of the fun events!

My RVA: September First Friday

I hadn't been to a

First Friday




I always seem to be out of town when they come around, so I was stoked when I realized I could attend this one. It's one of my favorite things to do in



There's always so much beautiful and insanely creative art to look at, interesting people to meet, thrift stores to shop in (

Books Bikes And Beyond

*cough cough*), ridiculously cute puppies to pet, street musicians playing your favorite Beirut song (thanks guys!), and of course heaps of restaurants and food trucks to eat from.

And of course if I get to do all of that in the company of a lovely friend it's twice as enjoyable. 

(Hey there Laura) 

P.s. Check out the window display in the first few photos at the oh so gorgeous 


Isn't it just so perfect? Knitting obsession personified. I met the lovely woman, Marty, who designed the whole thing and told her so myself. 

Also: I could pretty much live in that store. It's so beautiful and put together oh so perfectly. 

Their whole aesthetic and design is so spot on. 

Go check it out if you haven't yet!

Places Pictured


1708 Gallery

Quirk Gallery

For more info about RVA First Friday's check out their site



My RVA: On A Rooftop

Dusk is one of my favorite times of day.

The world is winding down or, depending on the day of the week, winding up (hey there Friday night).

Various lights are starting to glow to life in the buildings, on the cars and in the street.

But the light of dusk itself is just so pinky-purpley perfect.

And I'm not even a huge pink/purple kinda gal.

(I know, I know, so cliche photographer of me to talk about all the light.... sorry not sorry)

These were taken from a rooftop in the city a few months ago.

They're nothing extra special but they commemorate a good day.

And good days are worth remembering.

Many times over.

My RVA: South of the James Farmers Market

Alright, so, confession: I went to the

South of the James Farmers Market

 primarily for those donuts...

Which were well worth the trip. 

I mean they were, I kid you not, the size of my face.

They know what they're doing over at

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen


Besides eating my weight in sugar, I watched someone spin yarn (*insert nerding out here*), tried

Alchemy Coffee

and wandered around the park a bit, which I'd surprisingly never been to.

All in all a good Saturday that will definitely have to be replicated again soon.