My RVA: The Gatsby Afternoon Picnic

Last Sunday I attended the 

Gatsby Afternoon Picnic

 here in Richmond, put on by the 

Art Deco Society of Virginia


It was the third annual and held at the oh so lovely 

Wilton House Museum


I've been wanting to go to this event ever since I heard about the first one but somehow I've always been busy. So I was super excited that I was actually free this year.

I mean, who wouldn't want an excuse to dress up in your 1920's Sunday best and step back in time for an afternoon?

The whole event was fabulous. 

From the costumes, the vendors, the music, the venue, all of it. I met so many lovely, eclectic, fun, interesting and wonderful people. It was such a great afternoon. 

I'm already thinking about doing the 

Tweed Ride

 (even though I don't own anything tweed...) and I'm definitely going to the 

Jazz Age Preservation Ball

 next year. 

(Another event day I always seem to be busy on... but I'm planning ahead this year)



 excited for that. 

Like... really. I'm already dress shopping.

Anyway, here are some photos from the event! 


^^and then sometimes your friend steals your camera and insists on taking a few herself^^


You can also see more on my

Facebook page

(feel free to tag yourselves!)

And if you're in Richmond be sure to go join the 

Art Deco Society's Facebook group

 as well to keep up with all of the fun events!