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Some favorite shots from last week's shoot for Rosewood Clothing Co.
Kathy, Erica and Kalie are all insanely drop dead gorgeous, are they not?

Rosewood Clothing Co.
Surface Handmade
Native Nest

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Blackbird Tees Shop Update

Blackbird Tees is at it again.

This is a bit of a belated update, but here are some shots (taken by Meagan of course) of some modeling I did for some of their new t-shirt sets with my buddy Karl (the second half of the dynamic duo behind the Richmond based/road-trip-taking/taco loving t-shirt shop).
As I've said before, their stuff is just the greatest.
Go see for yourself.

Big Dipper Little Dipper Tshirt Set 
His and Hers XO T-Shirt Set in grey
His and Hers XO T-shirt Set in blue
Crater Lakes Tshirt Set

Full Moon Tshirt Set

All photos by Meagan Abell

My RVA: Na Nin Studio + Shop

Na Nin is one of my favorite shops here in Richmond. It's a lovely space filled with handmade, vintage, and curated goods not just from local makers but people all over the world. 
Kate Jennings is the shop owner and let me tell you there just isn't a lovelier and sweeter being. Every time I run into her she's so genuinely transparent in that way that instantly makes you want to be one of her dearest friends. She always has such sweet, positive and encouraging words, regardless of whether you've just walked into the shop for the first time, or you're a frequent visitor.
She's truly such a wonderful person to be around. 

A few months ago I stopped by the shop to meet the very talented Jess Lee of Willow Knows during a little event showcasing some of her stunning collection. I so love meeting fellow makers and getting to know the person behind the creations. I've been following Jess and her work for a few years now and it was so lovely getting to meet with and talk to her in person. Her pieces are truly inspiring and filled with a kind of light and dreamy quality that I think so many of us can resonate with. To say that I would wear every single piece is an understatement (though I've pretty much been wearing my scarf every day since I've gotten it, so there's that). 
Jess is based in Charlottesville where she's currently working on her new spring line in her enviously gorgeous studio space. Which you will actually see a lot of on her Instagram, and which I only hope I can make a trip to see in person at some point. 

If you live in Richmond be sure to stop by Na Nin's brick and mortar location at: 
101 S. Addison St. Richmond, VA.
They're open Wed-Friday 11-7pm and Sat-Sun 10-6pm.
But for those of you not here in RVA, fear not! You can still enjoy all of the lovely goods Kate's curated by shopping online.

*The last two photos of the hands were taken by my friend Michelle
*I also took some video during this little event so that might be up on the blog sometime soon too once I can get to it!

You can follow Na Nin on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest
As well as Willow Knows on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest

Shop Local | Blackbird Tees

Small Business Saturday was yesterday, and so in light of that I thought it'd be a good opportunity to give one of my favorite small (and local!) small businesses a little shout out.

Blackbird Tees has been mentioned a time or two here on the blog, so you might be familiar with them, but even if you've already checked out their shop, you need to again because they have some awesome new stuff up! And I'm not just saying that because they asked me to model some of it. 

Jody and Karl are the hard working duo behind Blackbird Tees which they run from a studio here in Richmond. They're pretty much some of the coolest cats around and not only make awesome apparel but killer blondies, have great taste in beer and are excellent printer fixers.
(Not so subtle shout out to Karl for helping me with my printer issues last week...)

No but really, they're pretty great and you should definitely hit them up for some Christmas gifts!
Plus, everything in their shop is on sale right now!

A few of my personal favorites...

Loose Fit Full Moon Tunic

Grizzly Bear Sweatshirt

Night Scouting T-Shirt

Geometric Maxi Dress

Full Moon Tote

Roam Sweet Roam Crop Top

Canoe Infinity Scarf

You Cook I'll Clean Tea Towels

Full Moon Sweatshirt


Also find them on...




All photos taken by Meagan Abell

Collaboration | Blackbird Tees

Remember me talking about

Blackbird Tees

awhile back?

Well I'm super excited to finally be able to share some photos with you of some of their awesome shirts!

I seriously love all of

Jody and Karl's

designs. I wear the 

Full Moon Raglan Pullover

 in particular


the time. In fact, I think I'm actually in denial that it's summer now and technically a little too warm to wear it as often as I do...

Please go over and check out

their shop

! They have so many lovely things up for sale. Like

these leggings

, cute


, and cool stuff

for guys


And hey Richmonders, they reside right here in 



So what better way to shop local?

These photos were taken by 


, all on film. 

Talk about beautiful right? I swear, that lady is so talented.


Shirts Pictured

Full Moon Raglan Pullover

Nomad Raglan Pullover

 Geometric Triangle T-shirt

Full Moon T-Shirt

This post is sponsored by Jody and Karl of Blackbird Tees. You can find their shop


 as well as find them on 







All photos taken by

Meagan Abell Photography


Blackbird Tees

Meet Jody and Karl.

They are the shop owners of 

Blackbird Tees

 and I had the privilege of dropping by their studio a month or two ago and learning about their process for making their super cool hand printed apparel!

A friend of mine had shown me their Etsy shop a while back and once I learned they were also fellow Richmond artists, I knew I had to say hello! As small as Richmond can feel sometimes, and for being here all my life, it's surprising the amount of artists and creatives that are in this city that I don't know about. So whenever I come across new ones I love making new connections if I can!

Jody and Karl were so sweet to let me stop by their studio and I loved watching how screen printing works and learning more about the behind the scenes of a full time shop. Karl even gave me a few tips for shipping orders which I need to look into for

my own shop

. ;)

This isn't the last you'll see of these two and their awesome apparel. 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboration I'm doing with them soon! 


Be sure to check out their...



And also their

shop feature

on Etsy!