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Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday Sale!

Offering 30% off all orders now through 12am Monday in honor of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday!
I decided to just go ahead and cover all of the bases... ;)
Just use the code: ALLOFTHEHOLIDAYS at checkout in the shop.

This is my last sale of the year and I won't be having another for quite some time so treat yourself, get some Christmas gifts, invest in a piece from The Classics Collection or maybe even a One-Of-A-Kind knit!

Also this is the last weekend you can place an order and have your knits guaranteed under the tree in time for Christmas! So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

OOAK Knits | The Montmartre Sweater 

The Montmartre Sweater

Inspired by the fashion forward city of Paris. A study in color brought forth this muted hazelnut tone that reminds me of a weekend spent walking underneath the eiffel tower, drinking wine at street side cafes, eating tasty pastries, shooting film, people watching on the train and lazing around a tiny apartment with balcony windows flung wide open to let out the sounds of Tracy Chapman and Billie Holiday cd's...

Yarn origin: Richmond, Va

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If you'd like to invest in this piece and be the owner of it's unique story you can do so by heading to the shop listing for it below

You can also see other OOAK Knits and there stories here.

Why one-of-a-kind?

These pieces are inspired by...
the places i’ve been,
the people i’ve met,
the words i’ve read,
the images i’ve created.

All of which are unique, to themselves, their own, one-of-a-kind. 
Much like you are.

I believe that your clothing, what you wear, says a lot about you.
It adds to your story, your make-up, who you are as an individual.

And so, shouldn’t those pieces in and of themselves hold a story all their own?
I think so.
That’s why my knitwear is one-of-a-kind. 
Each design is a piece of art.
Each piece tells a story. 
Of a person. A place. An experience. An idea.
When you own one of these pieces you are the only one to own it.
Aside from me, the creator, you hold it’s story. 
You are now the caretaker of it’s story. 
And it, in turn, becomes a part of yours.
The Stories The Things We Own Tell.
I think they're terribly important, though often overlooked. 
I find that the things we invest in are the things we cherish and value most. Which in turn speaks to what kind of individual we are. What we put stock in. Who we want to be.

You can also read more about why here.

// Photos by Meagan Abell //

A Commissioned Piece

A few months ago I was commissioned by a bride to make some free form art pieces to be a part of her wedding decor. I loved working on this commission so very much and completely fell in love with the final pieces. I have some plans for expanding upon these in the future, so we'll see where that goes, but for the record I'm open to any further commissions along these lines!
Feel free to shoot me an email for more info. 

Christmas In July Sale

This is a post just to let you know that for the rest of July I am offering 20% off all orders placed in the shop with the code: CHRISTMASINJULY

So head on over and treat yourself to something pretty! Like maybe this, or this or even this.
Or maybe get an early start on buying those Christmas gifts?
Never hurts to plan ahead... It'll be here before you know it. ;)

My RVA: Na Nin Studio + Shop

Na Nin is one of my favorite shops here in Richmond. It's a lovely space filled with handmade, vintage, and curated goods not just from local makers but people all over the world. 
Kate Jennings is the shop owner and let me tell you there just isn't a lovelier and sweeter being. Every time I run into her she's so genuinely transparent in that way that instantly makes you want to be one of her dearest friends. She always has such sweet, positive and encouraging words, regardless of whether you've just walked into the shop for the first time, or you're a frequent visitor.
She's truly such a wonderful person to be around. 

A few months ago I stopped by the shop to meet the very talented Jess Lee of Willow Knows during a little event showcasing some of her stunning collection. I so love meeting fellow makers and getting to know the person behind the creations. I've been following Jess and her work for a few years now and it was so lovely getting to meet with and talk to her in person. Her pieces are truly inspiring and filled with a kind of light and dreamy quality that I think so many of us can resonate with. To say that I would wear every single piece is an understatement (though I've pretty much been wearing my scarf every day since I've gotten it, so there's that). 
Jess is based in Charlottesville where she's currently working on her new spring line in her enviously gorgeous studio space. Which you will actually see a lot of on her Instagram, and which I only hope I can make a trip to see in person at some point. 

If you live in Richmond be sure to stop by Na Nin's brick and mortar location at: 
101 S. Addison St. Richmond, VA.
They're open Wed-Friday 11-7pm and Sat-Sun 10-6pm.
But for those of you not here in RVA, fear not! You can still enjoy all of the lovely goods Kate's curated by shopping online.

*The last two photos of the hands were taken by my friend Michelle
*I also took some video during this little event so that might be up on the blog sometime soon too once I can get to it!

You can follow Na Nin on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest
As well as Willow Knows on: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest