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Bridals | Alyssa

If you follow me on Instagram you can probably see within short order what a sucker I am for contrasting shadows and natural light.
So of course this corner of this little mountain home, in Quicksburg Virginia, was a dream to shoot a few bridals of Alyssa in before she walked down the aisle to marry Jacob, the love of her life.

A Wedding In Film

I shot part of this Lexington wedding in film and I fell head over heels for the results when I got them back from the lab.
Jess and Daniel's day was truly a dreamy one, with the backdrop of the mountains and the company of all of their loved ones to add to the celebration of their love.

There's just something indescribable about shooting film.
Every time I try to explain it to people I never seem to be able to convey the feeling and sentiment of it. Especially in this digital driven day and age. 
But if I were to try here, I would have to say it's something about the extra intentionality and care that comes with the framing of a shot, the heavy methodical sound of the shutter releasing, the anticipation of seeing how the images turned out, the knowledge that each image is truly a once in a lifetime moment captured and not backed up by 20 similar digital shots, the slight imperfections, the satisfaction of used up film canisters all lined up on a shelf awaiting to be developed, the patience the whole process requires...

It just all echoes that sentiment of slow living that I do so resonate with and live for.

Chris + Karli | A Rainy Rehearsal Dinner

A rainy rehearsal dinner on a humid summer evening before a beautiful and love filled wedding.
It's evenings like this one that reenforce the love and passion I have for my job and documenting people's stories. 
Chris and Karli and their family and friends were such a joy to be around during all of the festivities of the weekend.
I'm sharing a few of my favorites in black and white because, to me, they mirror the feeling and mood of the evening. 

A Commissioned Piece

A few months ago I was commissioned by a bride to make some free form art pieces to be a part of her wedding decor. I loved working on this commission so very much and completely fell in love with the final pieces. I have some plans for expanding upon these in the future, so we'll see where that goes, but for the record I'm open to any further commissions along these lines!
Feel free to shoot me an email for more info. 

The Wedding Photographer Diaries
                  Photo cred: Meagan Abell

                  Photo cred: Meagan Abell

(I recently realized that I apparently seem to like documenting things by submitting them under a "diaries" tag and calling it a day. ***See The Urbexing Diaries)

This weekend I have my first double wedding weekend of the year. These are always crazy and exhausting but so much fun because I mean hey, I'm doing what I love. So even though I'm on my feet for 12+ hours and then getting half a nights rest and doing it all over again the very next day, it's worth it. I love it. And I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. 

I know I've been behind on posting wedding photos. I have quite the back log for you guys. So I'll be updating with some of those soon hopefully!

To follow along on my double wedding weekend adventures you can check out the hashtag on Instagram for #weddingphotographerdiaries. There's gonna be some gems. I can assure you. ;)

For The Brides

The Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater Shrug was one of my most popular designs from my first knitwear collection. Additionally, over the past two years, I've been so pleased to find that there have been several brides who have wanted to wear it on their wedding day! 
So I finally just decided to make a special listing for just that. For all you lovely gals who are newly engaged and soon to be married, this one's for you.  

You can now purchase The Wedding Shrug here!

Photos courtesy of Dylan and Sara from Liz and Jonny's stunning wedding.

Vienna Wedding | Luke & Chelsea

I'm so excited to get back to sharing some of the weddings I've shot over the past year with you guys! 
This is one from last summer in Vienna.
(It was actually over Fourth of July weekend, which gave my gem of a second shooter Jenna and I a chance to enjoy some Independence Day festivities in DC the day before)

Luke and Chelsea's wedding was filled with so much joy and love.
I know, I know, it's a wedding, aren't they all? But this wedding day was just overflowing with it. It was a truly beautiful and tangible thing that was such an honor to witness and be a part of.
Not to mention I don't know if I've ever seen a wedding party that loved to dance as much as theirs. I mean, we all know how much I love dancing... In fact, it kills me when I'm at a wedding and there's all this great music to dance to but no one is dancing! (Not gonna lie, I sometimes sneak in a Hustle or Macarena here and there...) But these guys knew how to dance and have a good time. Which is definitely the best way to celebrate in my opinion. Makes for some pretty great kodak moments to be sure.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos from their big day, enjoy!