A Wedding In Film

I shot part of this Lexington wedding in film and I fell head over heels for the results when I got them back from the lab.
Jess and Daniel's day was truly a dreamy one, with the backdrop of the mountains and the company of all of their loved ones to add to the celebration of their love.

There's just something indescribable about shooting film.
Every time I try to explain it to people I never seem to be able to convey the feeling and sentiment of it. Especially in this digital driven day and age. 
But if I were to try here, I would have to say it's something about the extra intentionality and care that comes with the framing of a shot, the heavy methodical sound of the shutter releasing, the anticipation of seeing how the images turned out, the knowledge that each image is truly a once in a lifetime moment captured and not backed up by 20 similar digital shots, the slight imperfections, the satisfaction of used up film canisters all lined up on a shelf awaiting to be developed, the patience the whole process requires...

It just all echoes that sentiment of slow living that I do so resonate with and live for.