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Blackbird Tees

Meet Jody and Karl.

They are the shop owners of 

Blackbird Tees

 and I had the privilege of dropping by their studio a month or two ago and learning about their process for making their super cool hand printed apparel!

A friend of mine had shown me their Etsy shop a while back and once I learned they were also fellow Richmond artists, I knew I had to say hello! As small as Richmond can feel sometimes, and for being here all my life, it's surprising the amount of artists and creatives that are in this city that I don't know about. So whenever I come across new ones I love making new connections if I can!

Jody and Karl were so sweet to let me stop by their studio and I loved watching how screen printing works and learning more about the behind the scenes of a full time shop. Karl even gave me a few tips for shipping orders which I need to look into for

my own shop

. ;)

This isn't the last you'll see of these two and their awesome apparel. 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboration I'm doing with them soon! 


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And also their

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on Etsy!