A Girl Named Leney


Ashley of Rosewood Clothing Co | Portraits

Time spent in this space with this person is always lovely. 

This firecracker of a girl has stolen my heart from the very beginning and to call her a dear friend is such an honor. She just is a kind of authentic, from the top of her enviable wild and unruly mop of curls to her vintage leather clog clad toes, that makes for a truly wonderful being.
I dare you to walk into the shop and not just fall in love with her right there. She's an amazing lady doing amazing things and Richmond is pretty lucky to have her here helping support and build the creatives community.

Also something worth noting is that Rosewood Clothing Co's online shop is finally live!
This lady has worked so crazy hard this last half year or so building her shop and her brand and it's been such a pleasure getting to work alongside her taking photos for her during that journey. For those of you who don't live in RVA and have been missing out on the wonderfulness that is Rosewood Clothing Co, you can now join in with shopping online. Ashley's taste in vintage and handmade goods is spot on. So go take a peek and treat yourself to something nice. It's the best way to shop local. Some current favorite pieces of mine are this fragrance, this denim dress, this top, and this coach bag.
Go have a look and shop around!

Also go check out Ashley's interview on People In Their Homes (my new favorite site and Instagram account) if you want to fall more in love with her.