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Megan & Joel | Engaged

Meet Megan and Joel.

This couple initially contacted me about doing their wedding because they loved all the pictures of Richmond that I've been taking lately and, being in love with this city themselves, they wanted their engagement and wedding photos to reflect that.
And, if I may say so without sounding too conceited, I think I'm definitely the perfect person to help them achieve this. Because if there's one thing I love, and that I love taking photos of, it's this city of mine.

We weren't able to shoot at the old GRTC bus depot, like we originally wanted, so we opted for walking around The Fan instead and shooting at pretty spots we found along the way. 
I could not be more in love with the results!
Of course this is mostly attributed to these two being so stunningly gorgeous together, but of course it helped too that I got to shoot in one of my favorite places.
Inspiration always strikes more frequently when you're in surroundings you love.
And oh RVA how I love you.

Can't wait to shoot your wedding Megan and Joel!
Thanks for choosing me to be a part of it.


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