A Girl Named Leney


My RVA: French For A Day

I attended the

French Film Festival

for the first time this year. 

It's been around as long as I've been alive, but I've surprisingly never ever been.

I really enjoyed it and I definitely want to make sure I get around to seeing more films next year. 

Met up with my friend


while there and we decided to complete the French theme of the day with some 


(french grilled cheese) sandwiches from

Garnett's Cafe


Despite the fact that they were, heartbreakingly, out of their home made pickles (my favorite) it was a ridiculously delicious lunch.  

Basically, I may or may not have been craving one of those sandwiches everyday since...

It's fun pretending to be French for a day.

Maybe I'll finally get back to teaching myself French like I've been wanting to...