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Featured | Artful Blogging

So I have some super exciting news friends!
I was recently featured in the most recent issue of Artful Blogging!

I was asked to write an article for them at the end of last year, for their upcoming spring issue, and I've just been bursting trying to keep it a secret this whole time.
It also features some of my photos of RVA so if you're a Richmond-er it will be extra interesting for you to read! You can pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble or on Stampington's site, here.
It's so crazy seeing my words and photos in print like this, I'm still just a little bit in awe. I definitely feel so blessed and grateful for the opportunity.
(Although it was even crazier walking into the book store last night and seeing it on the magazine rack...)

Excuse the not-so-great iPhone photos, but I just couldn't wait to share with you guys. :)

P.s. You might recognize


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