A Girl Named Leney


May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers.
We've definitely had our fair share of rain here in Richmond this week.
I'm not complaining though because it's calmed all this nasty pollen down. And it's been sort of refreshing and rejuvenating in a way. I often feel that way when it rains. Especially in the springtime. Spring rain seems to bring with it a calmness and peace that just does my soul good.

Been working hard on new designs for the shop.
Trying not to jump the gun and work on warm knits for fall/winter and focus on the spring/summer pieces I have going instead, but it's hard when I have all of these ideas running around in my head!
Lots of sketching and doodling and writing and list making.

I've also been working on my goals for May, but of course I probably won't get them up until after the weekend. 

Speaking of being refreshed, I've been reading more again. It's been really nice.
There's just nothing that slows you down and puts things into perspective a little like taking the time to be still a while and read a book.
Of course I have about six going at a time right now... but hopefully I can get that down to a more reasonable number after the weekend as well.

I can't really believe it's already May.
I mean really, 2014, where are you goin?

I came across this old post from last May.
I hope this year's May is just as good to me as that one was.

I have a feelin it will be.