A Girl Named Leney


Keeping Up

Photo Cred: Emily Patton

Not with the kardashians.
With my work schedule.
Okay, okay, bad joke. But it's late at night and I'm a smidge sleep deprived as of late.
And okay, it's not just work, it's life in general.
It's not that I'm stressed. I mean I am a little, but not overly so. Which is pretty unusual for me. I tend to get excessively stressed in these sort of times, with this sort of workload.

It's been quite the busy month, this month. As November always is. Especially with the shop. Orders have been flooding in and slowly piling up over the past few weeks. 
People are getting chilly and need to be knitted into warmth again.
Which, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love.
I've been busier than usual at this time of year with photography as well. 

There are portrait and lifestyle sessions, weddings, travel and heaps of other misc. photos that I haven't blogged, haven't edited.
I'm in the beginning stages of officially re-branding which is so very exciting, but also very time consuming. At least thoughts wise. It's actually mostly kind of all I've been thinking about lately.
There's also Christmas to think of.
I totally broke out the tunes the day after Halloween. I really wanted to on Halloween (there was a radio station here already playing Christmas music in fact) but I refrained.
But I've been googling nearby Christmas tree farms and thinking about decorations, baking Christmas cookies and wrapping presents for abosolute months now. 
And though I'm really really not in a hurry to get rid of fall, I do so so love the Christmas season.

I think this is just always the time of year when I get to that point of wondering how everyone else does it.
How do you run a business, two businesses really, and all of the many many things that entails (hello accounting on my desk from August...) while maintaing all of your various relationships, keeping your space and home un-hoarder like,  going to the gym, making time for leisurely things like reading, and let's not even talk about doing laundry. 
Plus all of the really big and really little in-between and not so in-between things.
Of course no one has it together, not all the way. 
It's all just appearances and there's always one area (or ten) where we all feel a little bit behind in. 
It is a bit frustrating to feel like you're always keeping up though. 
It always seems to be a bit elusive and out of reach.

Ah well.
Tomorrow is a new day.
And you can't do it all at once.
Life is still good.