Proper Words

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell 

"I am overwhelmed with things I ought to have written about and never found the proper words." | Virginia Woolf

Proper words.
How hard it is to find the proper words sometimes.
I've had quite a lot of thoughts about quite a lot of things lately.
Which is very vague and blasé really. To say that I mean. 
But I think I've just had one too many things on my mind to properly verbalize anything because it's all getting in the way of itself. 
I've especially been incapable of sorting things out in writing. Which is a bit frustrating since writing is usually how I lighten myself when I feel heavy with heaps of thoughts like I do now. 

This was all kind of a lot about nothing.
But I'm trying to get back on the blogging game, so I'm just going to leave these incomplete thoughts here for now.