A Girl Named Leney


Headed Out

Photo Cred: Kidder Connell

Photo Cred: Kidder Connell

**Packing The Adventure Hat and headed out for my next adventure this week. 
Going to be doing a mini road trip to Michigan and maybe make a pitstop in Indiana, so any recommendations along the way are always welcome!

Hope your week is a good one, filled with reminders that point you to your passions and all of the things that make you feel like the very best version of yourself.
Keep chasing those dreams. 

**I use the term packing very loosely, as I'm actually looking at my empty bag while I'm writing this, since I've yet to start the actual packing process... Typical.
I'm a chronic last second packer.
(Yes, last second. Because last minute 
doesn't really describe my condition quite accurately enough...)