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My Solitude
Photo by  Meagan Abell

Photo by Meagan Abell

My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude. —Warsan Shire

This is something I'm accustomed to. 
Growing up we, my siblings and I, were often left alone for hours on end. 
It wasn't neglect, it was an allowance.
An allowance to discover, to play, to explore, to create, to be.
I know that I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't been allowed that time of self discovery and becoming, at such a young age.
I was put in the creative mindset simply by being left alone. I had to learn to figure things out on my own, be resourceful, come up with new solutions to problems and create things of my own accord and so I did.

As I've grown older I realize how rare a quality and ability that is, and as a result it's one I'm more so thankful for possessing.
I don't shy away from doing things by myself. Traveling, eating out, going to the movies, exploring, shopping, going to concerts, and many other pastimes that often are seen as a you-do-this-with-someone sort of activity. 

I even live alone, which is something I've discovered is such a foreign and strange idea for so many people. Something I was unaware of until I did it. 
I'm not saying living alone is for everyone, it's definitely not, and personalities and preferences differ greatly from person to person. But I do think it's important to learn how to be alone. To enjoy it. Because who's with you more often than... well, you? If you don't like spending time with yourself, why would others? This is a cheesy way to look at it sure, but hopefully you get my point. 
I think it's an underestimated trait in a person. To be content in ones own skin and abilities to the extent of not needing to rely on others for your centering and "okay-ness" and sense of worth.
Of course you can swing too far in that direction and then be closed off from people, relationships, and community completely which is something I'm definitely not abdicating for by any means. 
However, I think the stronger and more sure of yourself you are alone, the more capable you are of adding value to those relationships and communities you are in.
Because it's not others, their presence or opinions, that make up our worth and value. And I think we can often forget that when we're constantly surrounded by people.

"Curiously, and importantly, mastering the art of solitude doesn’t make us more antisocial but, to the contrary, better able to connect. By being intimate with our own inner life that frightening and often foreign landscape that philosopher Martha Nussbaum so eloquently urged us to explore despite our fear— frees us to reach greater, more dimensional intimacy with others."

The above quote is from this article on how to be alone which I ask you to please please please read.
It has far more eloquent and making-more-sense thoughts than mine on this subject. It's one I wholeheartedly agree with and re-read often ever since coming across it.
This quote on cherishing your solitude is one I blogged three years ago but also still relevant.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any of this.
I'd love to hear them. 

Travel Essentials

A good leather bag

Lots of little pouches and purses to organize bits and pieces that are brought along as well as bits and pieces newly found

A scarf - this one is my usual go to but I've also fallen in love with this cotton one I found in Barcelona over the summer

A book to provoke new thoughts

A bit of simple jewelry- because it can often make me feel pretty and put together even if I haven't showered in a few days on the road and have been wearing the same shirt for more days than I want to recollect

The Adventure Hat

A sweet smelling fragrance

Music- whether that's in the form of CD's, a home made mix tape, an iPod or Spotify on your phone

A travel journal- never go on a trip without one. You never know what you'll find that warrants documenting

Collaboration | Brittanny Chanel Jewelry

Brittanny sent me with some of her lovely jewels earlier this year for me to photograph during my trip to Iceland

Her Naked Bangles pretty much haven’t left my arm since then, with the exception of when I have to take them off for airport security (which has been a frequent occurance these days…#thetravelingphotographer). They are definitely my favorite to say the least.

Her work is so beautiful so if you’re in the market for some timeless pieces to add to your jewelry wardrobe you should definitely check her out. 

Pictured here:
The Naked Bangle
The Naked Midi

This post was sponsored by Brittanny Chanel Jewelry.
You can shop through her online store as well as connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

If you're interested in sponsoring a post or collaborating, shoot me an email: agirlnamedleney@gmail.com


Travel Dates | New York City

So something that I've been introducing here on the blog lately is Travel Dates
These posts will be little announcements of when I have travel dates set for places other than Richmond, VA and depending on my availability you can contact me and hire me for a photoshoot during my travels! 

Because while, yes, I totally can and will come to you for a session wherever you're located, if you see that I'm already going to be near you during a certain time it'd be more cost efficient to go ahead and book a shoot then while I'm already planning on being in your area!
Make sense? 
Plus, I've decided to, at least for the remainder of this year, offer my photo sessions booked during travel dates at a discounted rate!
What's not to love right?
There will actually be a section of the site specifically for Travel Dates, but I'm still working on that so until then you can check them out under the tag!

Currently I will be in New York City August 28th-30th

Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email to talk about booking a session!

Headed Out
Photo Cred: Kidder Connell

Photo Cred: Kidder Connell

**Packing The Adventure Hat and headed out for my next adventure this week. 
Going to be doing a mini road trip to Michigan and maybe make a pitstop in Indiana, so any recommendations along the way are always welcome!

Hope your week is a good one, filled with reminders that point you to your passions and all of the things that make you feel like the very best version of yourself.
Keep chasing those dreams. 

**I use the term packing very loosely, as I'm actually looking at my empty bag while I'm writing this, since I've yet to start the actual packing process... Typical.
I'm a chronic last second packer.
(Yes, last second. Because last minute 
doesn't really describe my condition quite accurately enough...)