A Girl Named Leney


Morning Scenes

i've become much more of a morning person over the past few years.
i used to be exclusively a night owl, staying up until all hours, hanging out with friends, working on projects, reading. 
now i find that i enjoy the morning just as much, if not more so, for all of these activities. 
i suppose you naturally transition to this preference of hour with age. slowly adjusting to the worlds standards and routines of socially acceptable and more commonly approved of operational hours.

i could have a whole instagram account dedicated to the photos i take in the morning.
i'm somehow instantly inspired right when i wake up. always having an idea for an image. something to spark the conversation and connection between myself and the rest of my day. 
maybe it's the light, and how it dreamily slides from ceiling-to-wall-to-floor as it makes it's way back out the window. 
maybe it's because i've been dormant and inactive for so long during all those hours of sleep that as soon as i wake i'm overloaded with the need to create.
maybe the ideas are interpretations of dreams in the night.
maybe it's because i feel most beautiful in the morning.
maybe it's a little of all of the above.

no matter, morning scenes, with their invite of routine and comfort, make my heart feel full.