A Girl Named Leney


Shades of August

Oh August. 
You came and went so quickly. 
You're a month that tends to be on the end of least-liked for me as far as months go. 
But this year you brought quite a lot of things with you that I wouldn't have wanted to do without, so I didn't mind you so much this go round.
Above are shades of your last day spent. Muted tones of browns and off whites. Almost foretelling, in a way, of the colors of the leaves that will soon be falling from the trees. Something I normally can't wait for, fall being my favorite season, but this year I'm content to wait.
Not just wait though, as if they're something to get through, but enjoy.
So here's to the remainder and select few days of summer that are left as they draw to their sticky-hot to crisp-cool close.