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The Urbexing Diaries | A Roadside Love Affair

I too easily fall in love with passing scenes I happen to catch while on the road. As they move into-out-of my car window. 
From right to left. 
Over and over and over. 
It will be a reel of content, unnoticed until all of a sudden something sticks out, flickers into focus, and then... it's gone. 

But that's all it takes. 

A brief moment to notice an idiosyncrasy or odd detail that will lead to a little roadside love affair.
Sometimes these brief vignettes make such an impression on me that I can't shake them for years, even though I only experienced them for a moment. 
I suppose it comes from having eyes like a shutter and a mind like a lens. 


A few photos of a little roadside love affair of a house from one of Meagan and I's eastern shore treks a few weeks ago. 

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The Urbexing Diaries | Tommy

We named this spot Tommy.
Because we name all of our abandoned places.
So as to ensure and commemorate their place in our hearts and protection of their whereabouts.

And because, as is always the urbexing code, we take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

A few more photos of Tommy can also be seen in this post.

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