A Girl Named Leney


The Urbexing Diaries | A Roadside Love Affair

I too easily fall in love with passing scenes I happen to catch while on the road. As they move into-out-of my car window. 
From right to left. 
Over and over and over. 
It will be a reel of content, unnoticed until all of a sudden something sticks out, flickers into focus, and then... it's gone. 

But that's all it takes. 

A brief moment to notice an idiosyncrasy or odd detail that will lead to a little roadside love affair.
Sometimes these brief vignettes make such an impression on me that I can't shake them for years, even though I only experienced them for a moment. 
I suppose it comes from having eyes like a shutter and a mind like a lens. 


A few photos of a little roadside love affair of a house from one of Meagan and I's eastern shore treks a few weeks ago. 

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