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The Urbexing Diaries | A Roadside Love Affair

I too easily fall in love with passing scenes I happen to catch while on the road. As they move into-out-of my car window. 
From right to left. 
Over and over and over. 
It will be a reel of content, unnoticed until all of a sudden something sticks out, flickers into focus, and then... it's gone. 

But that's all it takes. 

A brief moment to notice an idiosyncrasy or odd detail that will lead to a little roadside love affair.
Sometimes these brief vignettes make such an impression on me that I can't shake them for years, even though I only experienced them for a moment. 
I suppose it comes from having eyes like a shutter and a mind like a lens. 


A few photos of a little roadside love affair of a house from one of Meagan and I's eastern shore treks a few weeks ago. 

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The Urbexing Diaries | Abandoned Airstream

During this roadtrip I came across an abandoned Airstream trailer. 
(I actually posted some iPhone snaps of this on tumblr already but I'm just now getting around to sharing the digital shots I took)
Over the past few years, off and on, I've gone through various fascinations and dreams about owning an airstream of my own. I mean with people like this and this living their dreamy airstreamed lives, how could I not?

So anyway.
Came across this beauty, snapped a few photos of her, went on my marry way but couldn't stop thinking about her. So I went back again the next day and ended up tracking down the owner, whose name was Freddy, to see if there was any way he'd be interested in selling his airstream. You know, just out of curiosity.  
Freddy was quite a character and though he was, sadly, not interested in selling her, he did have a few stories about her he didn't mind sharing.
He told me he didn't really have any plans for her other than to drag her out to the road so people could see her from it as they drove by. But he told me he'd gotten her for $500 at a junkyard and that she was from '51 or so and how he'd once let a guy gut her and start fixing her up when all of her insides (along with a half moon bed and other "goodies" as he put it) burnt up in a barn fire. Ever since then she's just been sitting, unloved, and acquiring dents from when his horses lean up against her.
He said he'd been offered money for her on several occasions but he just wasn't willing to part with her.
I understood. 

I named her Stevie. 
Because she had a gypsy soul about her.
Here's to furthering and chasing after my airstream dream.

Don't know what urbexing is? 
Check out an explanation in this post here as well as other posts in The Urbexing Diaries.

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The Urbexing Diaries | Eleanor

I thought that this place, while it's not the most recent I've ventured to but definitely my favorite urbexed location thus far, would be the perfect post to kick off a new series I'm introducing on the blog. 

The Urbexing Diaries.

What in the world is Urbexing? Essentially it stands for urban exploring. Primarily of places and buildings that are abandoned and have been left behind and long forgotten. 
A while back, in an attempt to collectively document all of my instagram posts of my urbexing adventures, I came up with the hashtag: #theurbexingdiaries 
But I haven't just been taking *iphone snaps of these escapades and so I decided to start a series here on the blog for all of my digital images as well. 
I'll probably have a more in depth post at some point about urbexing and how it works/why I do it, but for now...

This breathtaking plantation home will always be my favorite place that I've urbexed I think.
Even though it's popularity is growing and the magic and mystery of it somewhat diminishes with each new photograph taken and published of it, it's still an incredibly beautiful and striking place that you just can't help but fall in love with and want to be able to capture.
Even despite it's foreboding and almost haunting existence.  
When I first saw it in real life, after having seen so many photos of it, it gave my heart a little jump start to be in the presence of it. 
The photos truly do not do it justice.

Meagan, my adventure soulmate, also has her post up on her blog from this day as well which you can see here.
Oh and Eleanor? That's what we named it. 
Because we name all of our abandoned places.
So as to ensure and commemorate their place in our hearts and protection of their whereabouts.

And because, as is always the urbexing code, we take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

*There are also iphone snaps of Eleanor here

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