Airstream Dream

Camping In Ireland

Camping In Ireland

tiny houses, simplicity, intentional living, minimalism -- all types of limitation that bring freedom. all topics that have been on my mind for a while now, but ever pressingly this week.
i loved coming across these photos again, from an adventure in Ireland in 2015 where i had the privilege of staying in this cute camper in the middle of The Burren. the contemplative space that the month of January usually brings with it has had me looking back into various archives and it's been a happy and welcome time of recollection and rediscovery. 

in fact, looking back, i recognize this experience as one of the earlier placed logs on the ever growing fire that is my desire to live more simply and intentionally.

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The Urbexing Diaries | Abandoned Airstream

During this roadtrip I came across an abandoned Airstream trailer. 
(I actually posted some iPhone snaps of this on tumblr already but I'm just now getting around to sharing the digital shots I took)
Over the past few years, off and on, I've gone through various fascinations and dreams about owning an airstream of my own. I mean with people like this and this living their dreamy airstreamed lives, how could I not?

So anyway.
Came across this beauty, snapped a few photos of her, went on my marry way but couldn't stop thinking about her. So I went back again the next day and ended up tracking down the owner, whose name was Freddy, to see if there was any way he'd be interested in selling his airstream. You know, just out of curiosity.  
Freddy was quite a character and though he was, sadly, not interested in selling her, he did have a few stories about her he didn't mind sharing.
He told me he didn't really have any plans for her other than to drag her out to the road so people could see her from it as they drove by. But he told me he'd gotten her for $500 at a junkyard and that she was from '51 or so and how he'd once let a guy gut her and start fixing her up when all of her insides (along with a half moon bed and other "goodies" as he put it) burnt up in a barn fire. Ever since then she's just been sitting, unloved, and acquiring dents from when his horses lean up against her.
He said he'd been offered money for her on several occasions but he just wasn't willing to part with her.
I understood. 

I named her Stevie. 
Because she had a gypsy soul about her.
Here's to furthering and chasing after my airstream dream.

Don't know what urbexing is? 
Check out an explanation in this post here as well as other posts in The Urbexing Diaries.

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