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A Slow Christmas

Film Photo by Meagan Abell

Film Photo by Meagan Abell

It's Christmas Eve Eve!

I've spent the majority of the day finishing up some handmade gifts, printing photos, wrapping presents, cuddling up with my sheepskins, knitting some non work related things, contemplating making some cookies (though to be honest I'll probably wait until tomorrow so they're as fresh as possible for Santa...), drinking a glass of wine, catching up on podcasts and just enjoying being home (except for the hour I had to run an errand... but everyone was insane and borderline getting into accidents everywhere so I quickly came back).

Contrary to our cultures usual state around this time of year, there's surprisingly been a lot of slowness and contentment around here this month for me. Which is refreshing in an almost overwhelming way.

This is the first December in a long long time where I am not insane, stressed out, sleep deprived and overwhelmed with my work load and attempting to accomplish way more things than any one person can sanely do.
I decided back in the fall that this month was going to look different for me in that way especially. My soul has craved a change, in a few different areas of my life, but I was having a hard time identifying what it was exactly.
I'm still in the midst of figuring it out somewhat, but I eventually realized that I wasn't going to figure it out if I kept filling my life with so much noise. With so much busyness. With so much.
So I decided to create space.
So I intentionally cut back. 
And I think I've had one of the more peaceful and enjoyable Christmas season than I've had in quite some time as a result.
It only took me all year for the art of slow living to finally, really-truly-all-the-way, sink in.

In keeping with this, I'm going to be doing my very best to stay off my phone and social media on Christmas day and maybe even a little while after too. 
I might have to delete my Instagram app to be able to fully do this (I wish I could just shut off my phone but I like taking photos with it too much) because let's be real, that swipe-tap-scroll impulse is insatiable sometimes...
It's the only social media app I have left on my phone these days, though I can't say that I don't use Safari way too often to still get on twitter and Facebook... so I'm not as disconnected as I seem.

But I won't be gone for long.
I've been writing too voraciously and habitually for that. 
(At last)    

Merry Christmas dear friends. I hope you're able to create yourself some intentional space and peace for yourself and your loved ones this weekend as well.