A Girl Named Leney


Featured | Somerset Life Magazine

I posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago, but forgot to do so for all of you lovely people who follow me here on the blog, but I also had some additional thoughts that I wanted to express. 

I had the privilege of writing an article on one of my favorite subjects -- slow living -- for Somerset Living Magazine's Autumn issue!
I've had the honor of being featured and asked to write and present my other artistic work in many capacities before now, but I think this is truly my first fully paid freelance writing gig.
It feels really good to be compensated for my work in that way.

Writing has been a life long love of mine, I've been an avid journal-er and diary keeper ever since the age of eight, and I've also had this blog going on seven years now.
However I feel as though it wasn't until about two years ago that I really started to fully explore my art of writing.
The way in which I express my thoughts, in a purely vulnerable unplugged way, in the voice that is uniquely mine, has been such a freeing and revelutionary thing for me. It seems so simple, but the words I put out into the world up until that break-through point, were so edited. So limited. So much less and smaller than what their origins offered.
To offer up an art form to the world is one thing, and often enough in the mere doing and execution of it. At least for me. Because much of what I put into the world in that way is for just me.
But to have that action recognized by others as valuable, while an unnecessary validation, is regardless an appreciated and welcome one.
So I want to thank all of the people especially who have encouraged that voice and this pursuit of mine and have expressed value and gleaned insight from my words.
I write for myself, but I also write for you. 
Thank you. 

You can pick up an issue online here or at Barnes & Noble, Joann Fabrics, or wherever magazines are sold.