A Girl Named Leney



admitting your flaws doesn’t make you more flawed.
admitting your flaws often points out your strengths.
my flaws: they’re ten-fingered-spread-eagled declarations of this-is-me. they’re a part of me but they don’t define me. 
they’re not permanent. they’re changeable. adjustable. i can grow in and out of them and become victorious over any of them, should i set my mind to it. 

i think we not only do ourselves, but everyone around us, a great service by saying on occasion: “this was hard” 
“this was ugly” 
“i failed” 
i don’t believe that fighting against our negative parts includes ignoring and covering them up and piling on the positive. 
sometimes it’s pointing them out. 
saying: this-is-how-it-is. 
so that you can acknowledge. 
recognize, deal with it, and move on. 
it makes the positive more beautiful once you’re able to recognize and point out the negative.
or so i feel.