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my favorite little home in iceland

my favorite little home in iceland

i recommend listening to this song as you read, for it embodies the feelings of the following words almost exactly for me.

i came across this post again recently and was almost tearing up at the feelings that these words evoked.
how blessed i am to have a place to call that. 
several places actually.
a place to not only call that, but to feel that in. 

the all-is-right-in-the-world knowing that can only come in a structure that is all-yours or all-theirs and you know all the intimate corners of.
and it, in turn, knows you intimately as well. 
for it is the sole, constant, witness to your comings and goings, your ups and your downs, your triumphs and trials.
it is nothing if not vigilant in that way. unconditionally welcoming you into it day after day, night after night, offering protection and safety from the outside world whenever you need it.

i moved into my very own all-by-myself humble abode last year and it's been something that's truly shaped me as a person and an artist in ways i didn't know were possible. 
the contentment i feel in living this new kind of independent lifestyle is overwhelming at times.
i love my home, my space, almost more than anywhere else in the world.
it's mine. i'm solely responsible for the ability to stay here, maintain it, keep it a good and happy space and I absolutely love that. it's funny how your priorities change during different seasons of your life. i feel as though last year it was more so along the lines of saving as much money as i could so that i could travel and see as much of the world as i could. and it's not that traveling isn't still a priority for me, it definitely is, but more prevalent for me in this season is being able to have this place i call home. and as a result that doesn't allow for as much money for traveling. 
which i'm honestly okay with.
because i've discovered this is something necessary for me to thrive and be the best version of myself in this current season. and i've also learned to come to terms with that and not apologize for it, to myself or others.
(not apologizing for things is another topic i will write about another day...)

i hope you have one place, if not several, you are able to call home.
how precious a space to call by that name really and truly is.

this is a place where i don't feel alone,
this is a place where i feel at home.