A Girl Named Leney



i am so sorry that this hurts. that that hurts.

but the fact of the matter is there will always be hurt.

there will always be something easy enough to find, in or around us, that will cause us to curl up in attempts to protect ourselves from the quick-sharp-pain. from the slow-burning-fire. there will always be something trying to snatch us away from present joys and contentment.

but, truly, you have the power to not let this present hurt, this current i-don’t-think-i-can-handle-this, crush you. to not snuff you out. 

you’re strong.
you were born with a light in you that no darkness can extinguish, if you recognize it, embrace it. 
take a hold of it and own it.  

know that hurting people hurt people.
know that you are more than this present situation.
this situation does not define you.
this hurt won’t last forever.
there will always be hurt, but there won’t always be this hurt.

wake up tomorrow knowing that there’s better things out there.  
that you may be broken now but that you will be whole again soon.
the night may be filled with weeping, but joy comes with the morning.