i've learned how to be kinder to myself.
more forgiving.
allowing for faults and discrepancies and mistakes.
extending grace.
embracing imperfection and a need for a change of scenery, mindset and routine every so often.

i take deep breaths
i draw myself baths
i take myself to the movies even when i might be the only one in the theater
i buy myself foods that might not always be the healthiest
i light candles
i push away from my desk even when there's a pile of work on it
i close and turn off all of my screens
i make time for exercise
i don't make time for exercise
i sleep in sometimes
i take off my shoes and walk barefoot
i don't always wear makeup
i go to those just-for-me places
i treat myself to things i don't always need
i go for a walk late at night or early in the morning or whenever the mood strikes me

i'm kinder to myself and in turn that helps me be kinder to others.
because what goes around comes around.
so they say.
i do find that mantra is especially true in this case though.