A Girl Named Leney


The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us

an album title i came across recently that struck me.
what a thought provoking string of words.
people who feel like us.
it’s a comfort thing. an i-want-to-feel-safe thing. 
a feeling that makes us feel at home.
i think it can have connotations of a dangerous closed mindedness, an inside a box and too-much-the-sameness to it. 
but i think a lot of the time it can be a good thing.
people who are similar to you.
who share the same passions, interests, likes, dislikes, ambitions, plans, dreams. 
it helps foster challenge and growth. an ability to spur one another on in our journeys and pursuits that we share together. similar in and of themselves or not.

i’m grateful for those people i’ve been able to find who feel like me.
who are there for me through countless obstacles, trials and inconvenient times. 
and it’s interesting too to think about how i found them. what i did to go about finding them. the actions i took. whether intentional or unintentional. 

like striking up a conversation with a stranger in line for a concert.
responding to a text message.
taking someone to grab coffee.
introducing myself to someone.
accepting a last minute job offer.
going to a new place by myself.
asking to take someone’s photo.
saying “oh yea me too”.

these are all things i’ve done that have resulted in finding the most wonderful people who i can’t really imagine my life without now really.

it’s a good thing to think about i think.
so that i don’t stay inside my little box and comfort zone, and i am more open minded and malleable and in a position for change and new opportunities when they present themselves.
so that i can continue to grow and be challenged and find more people who feel like me.