On Building A Home

building a home. 

it’s something i imagine and wonder at sometimes.
not in the day dreaming way so much (though it is obviously a dream of mine to have one day) but in the how-is-this-such-a-common-every-day-thing-for-so-many? sort of way. a thing so many take for granted.

building a home with someone, a man, is more than just residing in a four walled structure of brick and mortar.
it’s about those windows and doors that only the two of you know about.
it’s about being able to be silent together and pouring out every thought and word and feeling in you all at once and feeling equally content in both.
it’s about daily choices. hard choices.
it’s about stopping to ask questions other than “how was your day?”
it’s about loving someone at their least lovely.
it’s about staying when you want to leave.
it’s about leaving when you want to stay. 

or so i imagine.
for i have yet to build a home with someone.
so until that eventually-at-the-right-time day comes, i’ll just wonder at it.