A Girl Named Leney


Thoughts On Perfectionism

a topic i often war with in this day and age of this-just-in methods of self-improvement, articles touting the-five-quick-steps-to whatever your desired goal is, and the varying appeal and allure that is pretty much any beautifully curated social media platform and/or aesthetically pleasing print publication. 
to embrace the messy, the imperfect and the unfiltered in our lives: is a tough war to wage, but a tougher one to win.

so, after some thought provoking conversation with a friend this morning i compiled a little bit of a list that's already helped me immensely. 
i thought i would share it in the event that you too sometimes war with that little this-has-to-be-just-so monster. 

  • perfectionism is not self improvement
  • it's all of the dreams we don't follow because of our deep fear of failing
  • we need to understand the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism
  • perfectionism hampers success
  • it's the lie of: if i look, live and do perfect i will avoid pain
  • in reality the more we strive for perfectionism the more likely we are to experience pain which will often turn into self blame—which is further self destruction
  • imperfections are not inadequacies
  • perfectionism is other-focused. what will they think?
  • in embracing our imperfections we find our truest gifts