Who Are They?

so often when we think of “them” and “they” we’re really just talking about one person.
what will they think, i can’t do this because of them.
why is it that the opinion of one is masked as that of many in our minds?
is it so that we can justify our fears and insecurities?
that the fear of what a mass of people will think of us is more valid and understandable than the fear of just one?

why do we allow that sort of fear to hinder us to the point of changing our make-up, our being, our natural tendencies, idiosyncrasies and this-is-me’s?

why do we allow the thoughts we have of them distract us from telling our story? 
from sharing our journeys?

for why else have we gone through those trials and errors and high times and low times and accomplishments and setbacks... if not to share them?